Woodford Way 

* New Woodford Way Album will be released in the fall of 2016!!

May 13- Williston Reunion (private)

May 14- Moira Wedding (private)

May 15- Bloom Festival Outlook Farms 1-3pm

May 29- Red Lion Inn 8-11pm

May 30- Blandford Memorial Day Parade

June 5-Red Lion Inn 8-11pm

​June 25- Balderdash Winery Release party 1-5pm

July 22- Red Lion Inn 8-11pm

July 23- Robie Wedding (private)

July 30- Look Park Brew Fest 12-1:45pm

July 31- Stevo private party 1-5pm

August 5-TBA

August 11-Huntington Common Outdoor Event 6-8

August 13- Strong Wedding (private)

August 27- Hollway Private Party

September 4- Red Lion Inn 8-11pm

October 16-Red Lion Inn 8-11pm

November 17- Red Lion Inn 8-11pm

December 18- Red Lion Inn 8-11pm